Projects & Art

This page is still a work in progress – but will eventually hold portfolio links to each of my projects and drawing styles. In the mean time if your searching for something in particular let me know and I can reference you the link.

Projects by Jonathan H.N. Anders

Linear Refractions

LINEAR REFRACTIONS~ A short series of work that depicts the adaptation of the artist’s perspective regarding the psychological relationship between what we term “reality” and what we term “delusion”… THE REALITY – In the transient society (or hyper-reality) of today, … Continue reading


“Totems” focuses on depicting “the faces of the wild” – a range of graphite and ink work done on brown paper bags. The “Totem” Project; originated out of a drawing style begun in 2002, and later became the backbone work … Continue reading

Café Aventura

Café Aventura is a ‘virtual cafe’ project – meaning we do not have a physical address as a coffee shop. Instead the project focuses on introducing an ‘international experience’ to the local communities here in northern Columbia County, by means of … Continue reading

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