Linear Refractions

LINEAR REFRACTIONS~ A short series of work that depicts the adaptation of the artist’s perspective regarding the psychological relationship between what we term “reality” and what we term “delusion”… SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES THE REALITY – In the transient society (or hyper-reality) of today, it can be hard to define or even distinguish between reality and delusion. Much of what we take for granted is built upon the referential assumptions of what we perceive as social norms. These ‘norms’ act as a lenses for how we see (and create) our own ‘reality’ and how we then interpret and assign value in the world about us.  Our perspective of what is real and what is manufactured begins to fade and merge together. As we embrace more and more the assumptions of our ‘perceived reality’ – and spend less and less time trying to determine what is valid on a personal level – we weaken our ability to accurately define the dividing line of what can be considered reality, manufactured ‘reality’, and what is a pure delusion. It is this continual struggle of acceptance and denial, of exploring and re-defining value and reality, that has led me through the proverbial maze of my perception and cultivated the monstrosity of work refereed to here.

THE DELUSION – Years of struggling to overcome (what was medically termed as) delusions, led me during my recovery, to put to question our concepts of reality (defined as – accepted body of truths that exist independently from all other concepts). The reality we comprehend today is already a well established framework of accepted truths – our process for questioning and re-evaluating these truths bypassed by our desire to ‘appease’ the associated value in each of them.  Yet how many of these truths stand alone? How many of them are built upon the assumption of past truths? Is a life lived through cell phones, social networks, presupposed media the same reality we experience first hand? If this is the reality we accept (and promote) as society, how far removed is it from the reality one fabricates? My own ‘truths’, though contingent, were based upon my own perceptions and assumptions of the world as I viewed it. To me, the process by which we assign value and accept ‘truths’ in society aligned with the process of assuming and placing value upon the fabricated truths I perceived in my head. This paradox of sorting through ‘perceived reality’ led me on a rather helter-skelter path of recovery. Yet the question always prevailed from then on: “what is the value of this experience/truth really mean to me?”

A few notes on the Drawing Technique and Style:

"Energy Drawing" # 3

“Energy Drawing” # 3

Linear Refractions capture the thoughts, emotions, energies and stresses refracted through the lenses of each perceived reality I struggle(d) with.  They embody the process (I worked through) in questioning and reforming my perspective. The work features a style of “energy drawing” that I have built and used to map out and deal with my own high levels of stress. The technique uses a combination of both physical mapping (drawing) and psychological mapping to build a level of mindfulness that allows one to identify the components and triggers that lead to the build up of stress.  At the same time, it enables a certain level of release through the physical and energetic discharge utilized in the drawing/creative process.  I have begun making project plans for researching and developing the technique into a more precise methodology, as a way to teach it as a self-dependent form of stress level reduction.

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