The Probem With Android


The five-piece set “the problem with android” featured with the original type-written allegory as ‘ears’.

The Problem With Android originates from a single banner-style sketch – divided in to 5 smaller individual pieces with the design that each piece be purchased independently. The drawing style and subject matter of this work pull from the Linear Refractions Series but have the additional relation to the allegory from which they draw their name. The allegorical piece “the problem with android” was written during the time I began my original work on the first 3 Linear Refractions – though it held no direct reference to any piece at that time, the play on reality, delusion, and the fixation with electronics has long been an influence with all of these works.  Here the ‘story’ finally finds a home with the divided set featured above. The photo depicts the sketches in their original order, numbered from right to left – each work hides on the back of its top right corner one of the sequential initials B1 through B5. 1

Below you can find and image of the work as it appeared before it was divided, as well as a link to the G-drive page with the coinciding “the problem with android” allegory. If you are lucky enough to have come across one of the ‘problems’ featured above, have you been able to determine its position? Perhaps more importantly, have you determine who else has hold of the other problems with android?SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES



  1. (B1 beginning with the back of the head and finishing with B5 the dematerializing cell phone) 

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  1. Interesting stuff, Jon. May I be so bold and suggest you could use someone like me for proof reading? See me. I’m around the village today. A note to ponder: I have offered to help a business in Hudson owned by an ex-landlord. I believe his ego was bruised, and he declined my offer. His web page was filled with typos and other errors. The Columbia Paper that Parry Teasdale owns also needs someone like me. I offered to volunteer every other Wednesday, when I’m free, but he declined my offer.

    I don’t think your ego gets bruised easily, so I make this offer as a friend. Keep up the good work. I noticed the fractal element right away. Mary’s nephew recently had a job interview with Google in Seattle. He turned me on to fractals years ago.

    Remember Life Magazine’s books dealing with many aspects of science? One was called “Mathematics in Nature”, or something close to that. I loved that book, now hard to find. The books in the series tend to languish in family living rooms all over the country right along side World Book Encyclopedia. I will try eBay again.

    Cheers. Erik