Art on Sunday

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Spent the afternoon at the Canaan Congregational Church for the opening of their art show. A brightly lit, airy building that will feature the work of several of the areas local artists. Work ranges from fabric and sculpture, to paint and photography.

Sitting inside, sipping fizzy water and admiring the wide range of local styles and topics – I was also pleased to talk and ideate over the brilliant melding of art and religious space. Traveling has brought to face many new perspectives for me. Today I was enthralled once more to witness the merge and mingle of different disciplines – art, religion, history, anthropology – to observe how the fundamentals of each is uniquely interrelated. Perhaps it is not so much in the direct relationship regarding ‘product’ or even ‘theory’, but rather within the ‘practice’ that develops each of them.

Other concepts for art, the community and the mixing/merging of disciplines continue to accumulate within us. Jana and I are working hard to make some of them visible later this year. Until then, the work at the Canaan show will remain featured inside the church over the next several weeks – adding, what I can only assume, to be a rather intriguing interior atmosphere to the services held.

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