Back on the Road…

Today marks one month and a day that we have been here in Mexico City. Time has been spent adjusting to our new (temporary) home, fighting off sickness, planing hiking trips for the end of the month, and building our Art & Anthropology Project that will take us through our stay here in Mexico and Central America.

End of day at Teotihuacan

End of day at Teotihuacan

Working to establish a lived-in-feel for the city, we are digging through the cultural, political, geographical and social aspects typical to the Federal District. These elements will help us build the framework for the anthropological research needed for our project. Already we’ve begun searching potential locations to experiment and develop the graphite (Totem) style that will be used (in part) to express and interpret the defining anthropological aspects. We are taking our time on this first leg of the project, adjusting to the new country and developing our collaborative work habits in order to build a comprehensive framework that we can re-apply at each new project destination. Check back as I update RucksackArtist with new info specific to our travels here and our current collaborative endeavors.

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  1. lee

    I like the direction your art is taking…lots of fun in Mexico City!