Developing a Thesis…

Now – after several months of reading through Borges, Baudrillard, Lao Tzu and others – I’ve finally begun to identify with the archetypal concept imbedded within the works, and recognize its connection to how my own perspective has been shaped from a live on the move.  It is a benignly simple alteration, the slightest realignment, a tweaking of perspective one assumes in navigating their interpretation of reality.  This simple adjustment, made 3 years back, has resulted in a complete change in not only my life style, but the very way I relate to the world.  It has only been within the past few months, however, that I have been able to look back retrospectively, identify with this concept, and begin to form a “thesis”.  The past few months have been busy for me, as I work my art as a basis for interpreting the evolution of my perspective.  One of the visual series in progress, entitled: “Linear Refractions”

Line Work 2

Linear Refractions #2 – early framing process

As I continue to develop my thesis, I am also setting some goals for potentially exhibiting the concept.  Pictured above is the second piece from a series that use a style of “energy drawing” to embody the evolutionary process my perspective and relationship to reality has undergone.

If you’re in the area, and are familiar with these works/concepts, give me a shout – I’m always excited to meet up for a coffee and discuss the psychological implications of coping with our hyperreality.  You can stop in the wine shop or shoot me a message here! 🙂

More too follow…


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  1. check out ship in the woods on facebook

    • jhnanders

      Wow, this looks fantastic! Thanks for the tip off, I’m going to keep tabs on this, I’ve been thinking too pass through the west cost in the near future. Thanks!