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Back at Base Camp

Currently I have shifted my focus to a slightly longer then normal stay at my “hometown” in upstate NY.  While here I’m hoping to branch out a little, work my contacts, my writing and several other projects that have been slipping away while on the move.  The past two years have seen me up and down the east coast of the States, southern Brasil, and parts of Argentina and Uruguay.  Though I am hoping to do some shorter trips yet this year, my focus now is to save up funds and resources in order to make another potentially longer trip/move the start of next year.  In the meantime, I’m working to get more of my work up in coffee shops and shows in within the area.  If you have any suggestions for upcoming events, or places where my work might be of interest feel free to contact me.  I’m also always happy to share a coffee or cup of tea if you have any good travel stories, art plans or other adventures.  I’m hoping to have links to my other profiles up soon… Couchsurfing, Photobucket, Google Drive and a few others.  Check back with me for time to time as I continue to update things!  Until then, happy trails…

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