Working on at new type of drawing “mentality”…

After many years of struggling to cope with symptoms of an unlabeled mental illness, I began to experiment with drawing as a method for healing.  By using an “energy drawing” technique, originating from the pure necessity to overcome the desperation of my subdued/subconscious stresses and emotions , I was able to essential “draw-out” from me these hidden fears.  Now, after many years of working with this practice during times of overwhelming pressure or emotional distress, I’ve begun to notate and fine-tune the technique into a teachable process.  I’m hoping to work these next few years to create a platform for teaching “energy drawing” to others, to monitor the results of the technique with my students, and to eventually develop the process into a recognized form of emotional/stress self-help therapy.

The technique, borrows elements used in several types of meditation, thought analysis, motion study, and free hand sketching.  Working now to get the first project proposals underway, I will be posting updates regarding developments, volunteer requests, and study results over the next few months.

"Energy Drawing" # 3

“Energy Drawing” # 3

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Max Planck

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