Off the Road – having hit some issues with my mobility

Having planed initially to take some time while up-state, visiting relatives, to have some gear sent back to be repaired – I had hoped to make a short stay and  be back on the road at this point.  Unfortunately it seems that the more time you spend off the road the more opportunity there are for things to become complicated…

busted foot

In addition to having rolled my ankle fairly well (of course being on the road without insurance is a whole other adventure), having a filling fall out and still waiting on several pieces of gear to come back, I’m struggling to try and earn enough pocket change to keep up with my art projects.  You would think that having to keep off my foot would prove advantageous for getting a good bit of my (non-mobile) project work done, I am finding that this is not as true as I had hoped.  Trying to keep positive in the absence of the traveling life, I’m doing my best to keep on top of the perpetuating to do list that I need to get done before my tentative leave later this month.

I want to extend an apology for those of you waiting to hear more of my adventures, travels, site revision work and/or written/visual work.  Know that despite the encumbering list of things needing to be done, I am working through them and have every intent of being back on the road ASAP

Thank you for your patience, and please keep an eye out for updates and site revision work the later half of the month!



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    take the time to reflect and relax.. a,