PNP – A number of great surfs, a night in the Blue Ridge, and a break to regroup my thoughts and to reorganize:

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After my adventure hiding out in the woods off of the French River (see last PNP update), I decided that  I needed to work the CS site a little more.  From a local coffee shop, that happened to be the first I found – after a considerable search – I was able to both do some much needed internet work, as well as plan out a good set up for giving my street sales the Asheville test run.  After a fairly disappointing first attempt down on Lexingtion, I tried a location closer to Pack Square where there is visible the Vance monument which marks the center of town.  I had only been set up a few minutes before I was interrupted by an individual that ran up to me and asked if I was part if the CS community.  Still new to the CS site, I was a little unsure of how the mechanics of it worked (actually still very much so) – and so was caught a little off guard.  But this new friend soon explained himself as having recognized me from my profile photo while passing by, jumped from the car of other CSers and encouraged me to join them.  Always intrigued at an invite at such short notice, I took him up, and after stuffing my packs into the trunk of “little yellow” I joined two other CSers in a trip to help one of them move.

This chance meet, lead me to meet my hosts for the night, where I stayed a lovely evening and morning in a very restful location, regrouping some concepts, and for the first time inspired by the calm to get out and run.  Before taking them up on their hosting offer, I also meet a photographer at a local bar where we discussed (to the best of my limited extent) concepts regarding photography styles.  The other car of CSers hanging at this bar too, soon attracting a whole conglomeration of CS members – and we pulled up a table to chat experiences, travels, and the like.

I’ve observed a few interesting consistencies with the CS hosts here in Asheville that I’ve been privileged enough to stay with:

  • That in general hosts are not only very kind, but incredibly interested in sharing details of their experiences as well as hearing of your own
  • That at large percentage of them (guessing close to half) have only been living here within the past 6 months
  • That, in addition to, being very “active” people, tend to all have a very similar (relatively speaking) open mindedness to “liberal” concepts – in terms of modes of travel, relation to the lower class, and appreciation of nature, green practices, and many nutritional pursuits

After the relaxing stay and finally packing up my bags – which due to my backpack style I have found particularly time consuming – I made my way back to downtown Asheville.

At this point I had made connection through the CS site with a member who would prove to be a true super-heroine, going out of her way, more then once to exemplify a true compassionate spirit towards the “starving artist”.

More to be updated to this entry soon – check back shortly!!

– photos pending –

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