Asheville’s Totem #1


Totem #1

Sold on: 5.6.12

At: 5:12pm

Near the NW side of Pritchard Park

This specific totem’s inspiration originates from my time spent out along the coast line of Maine, near Bar Harbor, in an area known as the Otter Cliff region of Acadia National Park.  Here jutting granite cliff faces efface an impressively aggressive tide that beats itself against the shore creating a Shatter Zone of angular blocks ripped from the bedrock of the near by Cadillac Mountain – know for being the point from which the sunrise is first visible from within the US for a decent duration of the year.  Here, if you are observant, you can witness the glaring faces of spirits butting from the 500-year-old rock – silent, noble and resolute in their guardianship of the people and creatures who reside above their walls.  In learning to respect these spirits fortitude, I have gained valuable insight into the power of protecting one’s values – to support what one believes, yet to be aware of the resolution each person holds with their own deep values.

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