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Checking out this years Artomatic


Decided to stop over at Crystal City to snoop around Artomatic and see what I’ve missed…

My Location@7:19pm,5/18
2000-2208 S Bell St, Crystal City Shops Information, Arlington, VA 22202

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Back in the North

First DC, then NYC, and then Upstate


The start of this week brought me back from Asheville to the DC area, since then I’ve been struggling to work through the details of my experiences encompassing the past 4 weeks of my Art from the Pack test run.

Though, overall a success, much of the mechanics in working my concepts need adjustment, not to mention a thorough evaluation of my different selling techniques, useful equipment and financial abilities while on the road.

With time a big concern, I’m having to juggle priorities. An update/change in location for FnS at the very top of them. Though also a substantial amount of side/volunteer work and several lingering personalized art projects remain waiting before my tentative return to the road.

At this point my plan still stands to sweep south again, briefly, and then work my way west, to the coast and then up. Potentially a 3.5 month road and art voyage. Determining my time in locations based on the draw to my work, the options for further development, and the amount of access I will have to resources within each town/city.

For the moment I’m trying my best to live frugally, saving up for the primary expenses that always come with a new trip. At the start of my Asheville venture, I left with just under $100 that I could easily access and a back up fund of about $300 – after learning from this past trial period I’m hoping to keep my total weekly expenditures under $40.

This is an ambiguous goal, for as an artist, particularly one who is constantly on the move, I am constantly subject to putting myself (& my few belongings) through rigorous tests of durability – trying to maintain that artist “demeanor” so important for making an impression that could lead to a sale. With pack size constraints (when I travel, everything I own (in order to survive) comes with me on my back) I am forced to reuse clothing and equipment far past their breaking point – creating the challenge of either patching it together as best I can or making the decision to fork out the money for a new/used one.

Before my expected relaunch of Art from the Pack, at the start of next month, I’ve been working to minimize the amount of gear I take with me that is nearing the end of its life. If you’re interested in helping support this new leg of my trip you can take a look at the “Support Me” tab under the “Art from the Pack” heading at the top of the page. I’m open as well to any suggestions about the up-coming venture and also for any volunteer/discount offers for the printing or web work that needs to get under way before my departure.

Please pop back for more updates to FnS, as well as info on FlintnSteel’s upcoming domain move.  I know several of you are waiting for updates with this site (it has been a crazy first week back and I’m hopeful to wrap things up shortly before larger changes begin)  – thank you for your patience.  As always thanks for the support! – JHNA

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Totem # 2


Totem # 2

Traded on: 6.6.12

Drawn at: 6:15pm

Near NW side of Pritchard Park

(inspiration write-up pending)

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PNP – A week of Retrospect and Late-night Speculating:

-pictures pending-

My Last week in Asheville bubbled by in a bit of a blur – the weekend of the 5th and 6th I hung close as I could to the downtown region – staying with a fantastic couple and their housemate.  After contacting A. on CS we meet outside Asheville at the farmer’s market – an intriguing person with a whole bundle of incredible world experiences.  After sniffing around the market a bit, we headed back to Asheville and decided to go back to A.’s neighborhood to enjoy a beer and talk more.

There I was introduced to D. and S. the couple who shared the apartment with A. – though not couchsurfers themselves – our similar minded perspectives immediately gave life to a whole flowering of philosophical,political, and religious rumination.  They encouraged me crash their couch for two nights – which provided me essential local access to the downtown area (a 20-minute walk).

I passed the next two days working my street set, framing process, organizing and scooping out the different coffee shops in the area – the nights all spent, talking heavy concepts until we became silly watching the windows grow light.

After leaving the happy household I moved on – wanting to experiment more with what it was like to not have a place to stay.  A rainy night saw me strapping together a rudimentary plastic bag structure over my packs to keep them dry as I hiked about, late into the early morning, trying to find a bar or restaurant that was open 24 hours.

Meeting again the CS crowd, for a beer – I stayed an evening with S. down in Brevard, the next day making it out for a spectacular hike through Pisgah National Forest over several ~6,000 peaks out to Shinning Rock ledge. (pictures featured)  Then a stop in at Asheville’s Brew Master’s festival (testing the best with their beer knowledge) and ending up sneaking in one more night camped off the Blue Ridge.

After a final weekend spend in Asheville – going to one more open mic at the Wall Street Coffee house (where some of my work is up), putting together a list of things I wanted to take back – and then forgetting to buy them, and connecting as best I could (to say my goodbyes) to all the great hosts that had let me crash their couches over the past 4 weeks – I made ready to catch my rideshare up to DC that Monday with L.

The Asheville test run had drawn to a close – but still (even now) there is a lot of reflecting, restructuring and prepping that needs to be done to be ready for putting “Art from the Pack” into full swing.

If you are interested in helping me prep for the next leg of my journey (back to Asheville for a few, then south and west to the far cost) – I have set up a support page under the Art from the Pack header at the top of the site.  Take a look – updates to this page to follow – as to how else you can help!


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