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A note to subscribers . . . Flintnsteel will be moving – slightly

I’m building a site that will encompass a wider variety of my work – literary as well as some upcoming visual projects.  Please check back in with FlintnSteel in the near future for the redirecting to the new site!  Thanks for your support – Jonathan A

Note: some pages on this blog have been removed due to the changing of location.

UPDATE in relation to FnS’ new home:

I’ve postponed moving FlintnSteel until after the first leg/trial run of project -PNP- in the meantime I’ll be working to reorganize this blog so that subscribers can more easily navigate the pages while I’m vagabonding about for the next month.  Keep an eye on FnS because there will be quite a few rapid changes over the next few weeks!

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What to Expect

As work commences on FlintnSteel’s new home, I’ve put together a short list of new projects that are either up-coming to the new site, or are moving into the next phase of production.  In the following posts below you will find a snip-it of each project concept and at what point the project is at.  Please feel free to comment!


While in the first stages of -PNP- testing i’m going to attempt to make a page(s) for these projects – specifically those involved with “Art from the Pack”  Please check back in the next few weeks for page specific updates on these projects!

New Page

I have added a new page at the top of the header that goes a little bit more in-depth about the new changes for this site and my own, you can also click the following link to navigate there:

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