PNP update for my 4 nights in Marshall and Hot Springs:

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Right from my first night in Marshall we saw the temperature drop, now almost a half week later are we starting to have the temps really climb back to what I had been expecting for NC weather.  Despite it being cold, my hosts in Marshall where incredibly accommodating – and let me surf the couch in the room adjacent to their wood stove.  Heading down onto main street Marshall I got a good glimpse of the upcoming art scene – a few lovely coffee shops, that I regret not being able to hang out in more – the “island” with Marshall High Studios – and the all the scenic glory of the mountains that hold Marshall in their palm.

After a my second night in Marshall the cooler weather was beginning work a cold into me, and so on Tuesday I passed up my hosts offer to check out Asheville for a few hours and instead stayed home to babysit my runny nose.

That evening my host took me even further west to Hot Springs, where her father had a small piece of property tucked up in the mountains.  An intriguing person – after helping him with trimming the bushes that where crowding the little road that ran in front of his house, he cooked up an fantastic rice and bean dinner and we sat in front of the fire place and reminisced over each of our own adventures and experiences in South America.

Wed. brought a bit of “farm” work – uprooting trees in the field behind his house and down on the lower field where he showed me the old tobacco barn that sat by the stream at the end of his property.  Got a few good shots of the barn and the outhouse before heading into town where we got lunch (in exchange for the farm work) and then made a short jaunt up Lover’s Leap – a scenic overlook on the AT as it headed north out of Hot Springs.  A few photos of the valley looking back here too.

After taking into careful consideration my options for getting back to Asheville I decided to take my host up for one more night.  Back at main street, early Thursday morning, I hunched into the doorway of a local dinner to avoid the heavy rain showers.  Within a few hours I was able to thumb a ride into Asheville with a debit machine sales man.  He dropped me off just pass the 240 underpass, and I made a short hike up to my planned first stop Dobra Tea, where I sat much of the day sipping a large Mate.

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