What to Expect

As work commences on FlintnSteel’s new home, I’ve put together a short list of new projects that are either up-coming to the new site, or are moving into the next phase of production.  In the following posts below you will find a snip-it of each project concept and at what point the project is at.  Please feel free to comment!


While in the first stages of -PNP- testing i’m going to attempt to make a page(s) for these projects – specifically those involved with “Art from the Pack”  Please check back in the next few weeks for page specific updates on these projects!

New Page

I have added a new page at the top of the header that goes a little bit more in-depth about the new changes for this site and my own, you can also click the following link to navigate there: https://flintnsteel.wordpress.com/emerging-concepts-art-through-a-new-perspective-fnss-new-site-info/

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