Projecto Nova Primavera ( -PNP- ) Launched!

PNP – Has launched!

I arrived yesterday in Charlotte (never having been here before) after an 8 hour bus ride down from DC.  A little dehydrated, with only $60 in cash and realizing I had no arrangements for the night or transportation prepared for my eventual testing destination of Asheville – I meandered the city, trying to get a barring on what I should do.  Despite the apparent lack of planning such a predicament might suggest (this project has been in the works since early November) this was more or less what I had hoped to achieve.  I wanted to start my journey from as “base” a position as I could arrange – to be able to experience the complete struggle of someone who has nothing but the pack on their back.  Though I still have quite a bit of mileage to cover in the next few weeks as well as quite a few things I need to work out, from this first night out, I can attest so far that even at the “base” of such a project – there lies great potential.

What is PNP?

PNP represents a main aspect of Art from the Pack.  “Project New Spring” when translated – meaning figuratively: a new rebirth in this stage of my artistic career.  Though the project “Art from the Pack” represents this concept from a broad aspect, my intentions for the sub category of PNP is to “chronicle” the more day-to-day, in-depth aspects of the project – the immediate experiences, my reactions to them and what I am able to learn/interpret from each experience and then translate into the various forms of multi-medium art that I practice.

As I wait until FnS is ready to relocate to its new home, I will be adapting this blog site for viewers and subscribers to more easily navigate in relation to the beginning stages of PNP.  The main blog page will function as a mishmash of journalistic style entries entitled “-PNP-“, more specific updates to the individual aspects of each of my projects and quite likely other micro projects, micro fiction, thoughts, links, reviews, etc.

As part of my goal, outlined in Art from the Pack, I plan to live as simply as possible while on the road, my source of revenue – only what I make through art sales (primarily on the street).  Of course much of this trip/project is dependent not only on my planning but also on the willingness and kindness of both friends and strangers who I meet on my travels.  For I propose that the greatest influence of any artist, is his/her social relation to the world – without these “encounters” art would be truly flawed.

Let me know what you think!


Check back soon – more updates to follow!!

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