A montage of individual original "Totem" works

A large scale project started back around 2002 – “Totems” focuses on depicting “the faces of the wild” – a range of graphite and ink work done on brown paper bags.  “These faces are a part of the images immersed within my mind – recreations of experiences lived while out thrashing about the provocative wilds where I grew-up and later where I have traveled”.

Part of the project includes an elaborate suspended-framing process still under revision.  Finished pieces will be available in a variety of sizes and formats.  Some of the larger scale works exceeding (when framed) 8×4 feet.  The project acts as the backbone work for “Art from the Pack” – though the work expected to be featured throughout the tour will undoubtedly be of a smaller scale.


Due to interest in the framing process associated with the larger scale work, I have added a few images in the gallery below of concept sketch work for how the “Totems” would appear once framed.  A more detailed explanation of the process can be requested through the “contact the artist” page.

“Totem” works will soon be available for purchases and contract*, please notify me if you are interested.

*note that contracts after the start of project “Art from the Pack” may have a substantial wait time due to travel demands.  In addition, potential buyers should be aware that each “Totem” work is completely original and thus subject to the artist’s own interpenetration of the request.  Also due to the artist’s personal beliefs in the “aging of art” works will always be presented on completion without any type of finishing sprays or other protective coatings, leaving the work potentially vulnerable.

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  1. jhnanders

    Take a look at the new page added – in addition to having some other info on FlintnSteel’s new home – I’ve also added a small description of the styles of art I work with – Thanks – JHNA