“Art from the Pack”

“Art from the Pack” is an overlay of several other physical projects, testing the concept of living off art while on the road.  At this point “Art from the Pack” is still in the developmental stages, though a tentative start date has already been set for later this spring.

“In essence I want to see if it is possible to live simply, out of just a pack, using art as both a means of interpreting the experiences of my travels and a means of perpetuating the journey”

The project intends to put forth its first test run before the onset of the summer with expectations of a larger scale tour continuing into the fall.  “With any luck I’ll be taking the concept of “Art from the Pack” with me on my return to Brazil”  For now though, the project still has a lot of planning that needs to go into it.

As the set off date draws closer – the artist (project developer) challenges you to keep an eye out for more updated information, regarding: tentative “staging” locations, a complete list of projects involved – including a detailing of content and process, and the evolution of FlintnSteel as a site and how it will be incorporated into a project involving art on the go.

“This is one of the biggest challenges any artist faces – being able to launch themselves into a self-sustaining career.  This is my own thrust at re-engineering the structure of how this concept is typically approached.”

Looking forward to hearing from all of you on your inputs on this plan, thanks again for the support ~ JHN Anders

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