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A New Project Idea

I have been toying with this for a while – and though this site has been for the past few years a primarily literary site – I now am pulled in another direction.

I’ve done a test run of the concept for a week straight now, modifying, adjusting and tinkering with the “intricates” of it.  Here is what I’ve come up with so far:

Possible Project Titles:

  • Breathing Heart
  • Heart Wind
  • Wall-less

General Concept:

I’ve borrowed a bit from Buddhist ideas of an “Awakened Heart” – an idea that we build up these barriers, this invisible armor shielding to protect us from the pain in the world.  Afraid that being “true” also means being vulnerable.  In Buddhism, one of the things you work toward is removing these layers of protection that you have warped about you, so that you can more clearly be aware of the world and how you respond to it – so that you meet all things with compassion.

My concept is simple – be making a semi-permanent reminder of the concept of an “Awakened Heart” or “Breathing Heart” – in this case a visual representation of a heart that has been exposed through the depiction of hole in my chest.

A few concept images from the trial week:

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